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You said what now?

“I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything… grab them by the pussy” – Donal J. Trump

What. It’s a bit tricky to define as it ranges from everyday life to more personal situations. Anything from what time you got into work to having diarrhea the night before. The thing about locker-rooms though is that amount of people in that kind of space, for that length of time, will undoubtedly create a culture. And make no mistake locker-rooms do have cultures. But that’s within organized sports. Public locker-rooms tend to have less of a culture because of its transient nature. Inside team locker rooms everyone is friendly with each other (more or less), but you will also find that players for the lack of a better term clique-up. And that’s usually where you will start to find some of this locker-room talk. It’s no secret men objectify women, brag about sexual encounters, LIE about sexual encounters, discuss future for sexual encounters. But this doesn’t happen in all the cliques, people are people after all and shared experiences shape these groups. Now, within these groups you will usually find players who consider themselves more than teammates and view them as actual friends. You’re more honest with your friends (hopefully) and that will bring personal conversations inside the locker-room and will be… talked about.

Who. This is the most important part, NOT EVERYONE SPEAKS LIKE THIS IN A LOCKEROOM. Although, you will find people who are complicit so you know, guilty by association and all that. The ones who speak like the U.S. president are in fact, abusers. A person who can speak like that and laugh about it not only has done it before but will do it again. Keep in mind the person who’s saying these things is leaving out the countless ‘no’s’ they ignored before their victim “let them do it”.  There is a difference in a person retelling stories about sex in detail, and a person talking about assault. Both fall under a moral code but only one of those mother fuckers are illegal.

Why? Ask any women and they’ll tell you we talk like that because we need to. That’s accurate. We are forever locked in a dick measuring contest whether we know it or not. Yes, yes not all men. I know. A good majority though. Donald J Trump had to be THEEEE MAN, in front of Billy Bush. He needed Billy Bush to know that he could get any women he wants including the actress they were both drooling over. Donald J Trump needed to tell Billy Bush that he can have the woman Billy just called “hot as shit”, he needed him to know that he always get’s them. Which if you really dissect his words “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful- I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet I don’t even wait.” He’s telling Billy I love beautiful, but beautiful don’t love me. AND I DON’T CARE.





Up until 2 year ago my province had a river called “Nigger Rapids”, along with “nigger rock”. I won’t lie to you and tell you I knew about these spots for longer than an hour, I’m new to this. I’m thirty-four years behind when talking about Nigger Rapids.


I don’t know who to blame for this, I mean I know I’m partly to blame that’s for sure, I don’t think of myself as ignorant, but I do feel my refusal to educate myself about a Province that I find overtly oppressive puts at least my big toe in that column.


But, who else is to blame for something like this? Government? I guess you could put the onus on them, if you’re willing to admit politicians only move fast when their position is challenged by the people who elect them. And even then, if what is being asked of them diminishes their political power among their peers they are more than likely to compromise.


How about the people who live around these “Landmarks”? Is the word Nigger no big deal? I’m guessing the people who lived or currently live in these areas see it as something that’s always been, and because they don’t use the word in a negative fashion it really doesn’t mean anything.


To see a wrong, a slight, abuse, disrespect and say or do nothing. This is something I’m guilty of.


So tonight (morning now) I will take on a responsibility that I flirted with at a younger age. From the moment my brother brought home the Autobiography of Malcolm X (I was 8, read that cover to cover), from when my city decided it was time for recycling Collection because of a few kids in elementary school who wrote a letter to their reps. From the moment 3 kids in that same elementary a few years later challenged the faculty for not observing Black History Month. I’m here now, I’m done observing.